Number 8 BBQ HOUSE & an art installation “Knock-Knock”

P. Melikishvili 1. Tbilisi, GEORGIA

+995 0322 565 656

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Number 8 BBQ HOUSE & an art installation “Knock-Knock”

Grill & BBQ
Working hours 12:00 – 01:00

The strange brainchild of Georgian architect Dato Brodsky “Knock-Knock”, this al fresco wine bar is hidden away behind an entire row of doors salvaged from the streets of old Tbilisi. There’s a door for every single one of the country’s wine regions. Think The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In Georgia.

NUMBER 8 BBQ HOUSE – first real American smokehouse & grill in Georgia.
Great selection and combination of craft beer & drinks, cigars & whisky, specialty cocktails with smokehouse & grill food.
From creators of Number 8 Craft Brewery, Black Dog Bar & Maclaren’s Irish Pub.
Also, what will be important for pet’s lovers:  you are more than welcome here with your beloved pet.