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A little bit about us

Back to the history between 1894-96 in the oldest district of Tbilisi – Vera, great architect Alexander Ozerov designed and built a beautiful and unique Wine Factory N1 (ღვინის ქარხანა | Ghvinis Karkhana).

During many years it was closed for visitors. But in 2017 it became as a new multifunction city space for locals and tourists.

“Wine Factory” is a huge project what offers a great variety of ideas, such as: flea market, flower bazaar, open cinema, restaurants, bars and cafes, night club, office space, culinary school – “Culinarium”, the biggest wine bazaar and degustation class, show room and concept store with Georgian designers and products, art space, fitness-space- X Body, bakery (Tone), street food location- organized in 5 old wine barrels …

But the soul of Ghvinis Karkhana is a breathtaking ancient wine repository – “Sadzvele”, in antiquity, where over 100 years old wines and cognacs are kept, which come from Napoleon’s and Stalin’s collections.
Ghvinis Karkhana N1 is open all over the year and ready to host the guests every day from 12PM till late night.